• We only ever seem to hear about the worst things that humans are capable of in the news. The big reason for this to my mind is because humans tend to fixate on the negative, the things that anger them or cause them to be afraid. The corporate media understands this and capitalize on it by running articles we can’t help but click on, out of fear, anger or both. What happens is that we enter an echo chamber where we’re convinced that humans are wholly unredeemable, never do anything intelligent or altruistic, and that we’re going to hell in a hand basket and no one nowhere is even raising a hand to slow the fall. I disagree with that narrative. The people of this country and the world are doing wonderful things all the time, we just never hear about them. “India Turns On Worlds Largest Solar Plant” won’t make any news source as much money as “Racist Shithead Kills Cop In Cold Blood.” I want to push back against this idea that we’re doomed and that no one is doing the right thing. So here are a series of articles and videos that I have curated to defend my position. I hope it inspires you to love your fellow man again, and fight all the harder to keep our species going.

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