S. Hopkins - True, true. Sometimes the complexity of climate science is a challenge to convey as well. And yet, we already have examples of countries which have made great strides. The U.S. seems particularly behind the times, and insulated from realities the rest of the world faces daily.

I hold out great hope that alternative technologies will continue to develop to the point of being super-efficient, and easily affordable or even easy to do-it-yourself. Because, if you could charge your electric car with the solar panels on your roof, wouldn’t you choose that over paying at the gas pump every week?

I see a day when everyone will have within easy reach – a makerspace or community development office which holds regular workshops where people build their own solar panels, gravity lights, and who knows what else may be coming that will help us change our ways.

The “mechanism for uniting the entire human species” is education, communication – saturation of Climate Truth into the consciousness of the world. This has the potential to be achieved, which would have been unimaginable before the internet.

I also know “the hundredth monkey” phenomena – there is something that unites human consciousness, beyond our current ways of knowing. The climate mobilization is really powerful because it is activating those of us willing to be the first 100 monkeys. We all understand that climate is an emergency, we are acting on that knowledge daily, we are communicating it, thinking about it, strategizing about it…and that’s when the critical mass is reached, and like the hundredth monkey – once it learned how to use the new tool – the entire other island of monkeys – unconnected to the first – suddenly had the knowledge and began using the tool as well.

We can do this.