Can economy handle such massive changes and remain stable?

  • [From @david-nemerson (original post)]:

    I am not convinced that the economy as currently structured is robust enough to accommodate the massive changes envisioned in a very short time. The shuttering of various industries, and the scaling up of others, as envisioned, would cause vast dislocations in labor markets. Millions will become unemployed while millions will need to be trained and re-employed. The plan envisions trillions in government spending. I’m just not sure that the economy can accommodate such massive changes and remain stable.

  • [From @gilbert-fritz (original post: Budget deficit)]:

    Another question; where exactly will the US government borrow all this money from? China? And by the time all is said and done, how much will the yearly interest on the National Debt be? If it is too high, and takes up too much of the GDP, we will be in a lot of trouble.