Needs validation from modeling

  • [From @S-Hopkins: Needs validation]:

    Congratulations on the plan, but – As you know, Ezra, you and I had started a Business Process model of functions to be done for the Victory Plan, now delayed at least. This is not to be mistaken for documentation, but fleshes out the Plan to include inputs and outputs to functions performed by the various organizations envisioned. The Plan is currently presentable and shows intentions but is not validated or actionable until some formalization like IDEF models show the business processes, data passed between them and organizations performing them in detail and graphically (description available from

    Unfortunately, I have not found any references mentioning WWII mobilization efforts that talk to these points. Uniformly, they feature personalities, politics and manufacturing plants. An effort to rationalize TCM efforts may have to be constructed out of whole cloth and should involve representatives from all stakeholders.