The Three Great Global Gorillas in the Climate Change Room

  • Hi Ezra,

    Great article in A real take-no-prisoners, barn-burner call for action to rally Steiners to support Hillary and avoid a repeat of the debacle that occurred during Al Gore’s run for the presidency. (Boy, wouldn’t history have been different sans the Bush dynasty.)

    You nailed a number of critically serious issues that could and would impede a WWII climate mobilization should Trump win the election. And the call for a Climate Summit soon after a Clinton victory is a great idea. In your listing of concerns, I’m happy to see that you’re including the need to move to a plant-based diet. Some experts say animal “agriculture” is responsible for as much as 40% of our greenhouse gas production – more than the entire transportation sector. And it’s also the leading cause of water pollution and species extinction. You also need to add global finance experts and unconventional energy researchers to the Climate Summit.

    But certain critical elements always seem to be missing from the climate discussion: several very large gorillas are roaming around in the room, that if not addressed soon will doom any attempt to deal seriously with climate change.

    Number one: we have long had the technology to eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Every 90 minutes globally, an unusual aircraft is reported and often photographed flying overhead, silently, often performing aerial maneuvers impossible for normal aircraft or hovering for long minutes. Objects have been seen flying through the sun, back and forth across the moon and quietly observing activities on the International Space Station. Obviously, power generation technology exists that is far advanced compared to what’s been made public. The US military has it and has had it for decades. It’s time to get it released and put it to work. This call for the release of classified, non-fossil based technology must become a deafening roar… soon.

    Number two: We have plenty of money to bring relief to climate refugees, eliminate the crippling economic inequity crisis and dramatically transform our world. At least 40 to 50 trillion dollars is stashed away in off-shore and secret bank accounts. It can be argued that this money belongs to the people of the world as much of it has been generated by the liquidation of the assets of the commons and the toil and struggle of millions of workers. These trillions liberated from their hiding places and instead allocated to environmental conservation, restoration and regeneration, to sanitation, health care, women’s education, social safety nets, water purification, etc., etc., could remake the whole of human society. We need to be thinking globally, not just about what’s good for the USA.

    And finally, number three: global population. There’s no way the planet can sustainably support 9, 10 or 11 billion people. You can kiss goodbye any semblance of a habitable planet if human reproduction is allowed to run its course without restraint. Biologists say two billion is the level we need to get to for long-term sustainability. This could be accomplished naturally if all couples limited themselves to one biological child.

    The Climate Mobilization Plan is a great start, but it’s a glass half full. I suggest you consider adding a little more “juice” to it, even if it seems a bit too far out of the box for conventional minds. Since we’ve already moved beyond conventional boundaries, nothing less than novel, radical action can offer any hope for a habitable future.