Can this forum be our center of activities?

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    I am thinking that creating a new site, one that is all about onboarding and volunteering. Not introducing people to the concept of TCM, but rather plugging them in to get more and more involved. I think the central feature of the website would be this forum. (Maybe the Minimum Viable Product would BE making this the CMP website. (And causing to redirect here). We could have a thread for resources… and continue to develop onboarding materials. (videos, etc).

    We could also have threads with 1) Tasks that need completing and 2) Ideas for volunteers to take on.

    But the expectation would be that people self organize into project, locally or based on interest.

    One question is-- should we try to move Slack operations to this forum? Or how should we integrate Slack into this idea?

    Looking forward to discussing this with people. @nicoleharris @greg @Ashik

  • Hi Margaret,

    This is my first time here but i’d like to put my input. Personally, I think this site is beautiful. It runs like a Twitter/Reddit hybrid and I can see it being a perfect ‘home base’. We just touched base on the phone call about a social media presence and I would just like to see how everyone else feels about the idea and who would like to be involved.