New Strategies for Mobilization under a conservative government.

  • With control of all three branches of government plus the Supreme Court, the conservative agenda will be able to restructure the government and our lives, according to their political ideology.

    This thread is to address this. My first inclination is to say – we’ll have to talk their language: Money.

    Hence: Make our Top Talking Point that "Climate Change is EXPENSIVE."
    Here are some other talking points we could make, when we lobby them:

    Unchecked and accelerated climate change is going to be EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE.
    The real estate moguls who are your friends (one percenters) will LOSE A LOT OF MONEY if they own coastal resorts and condos.
    Your yachting and island vacations won’t be nearly as enjoyable.
    The FEMA budget is going to need more than the current military budget, as all the inland states will be forced to accept refugees from Florida, So Cal, Louisana, etc.
    Your accelerated fracking initiative is going to result in civil wars over drinking water. Hope you have a big budget for your militarized police.
    The United Nations is going censure and then facilitate other nations in holding you (the U.S. government) legally liable for accelerating climate change. Getting sued is EXPENSIVE.

    Anybody else have any other ideas for strategy under the new regime?

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    Great thread!

    I did not believe that either candidate would embrace our solutions. Having mention in the democratic party platform is great, but translation into action is a very different thing!

    Therefore, I have always expected that our work this next few years will be completely about grassroots organizing (local chapters and activities) media messaging, and continuing to craft the implementation strategy and COMMUNICATING it.

    The reason is that my work on studying the current state of climate changes that we are under indicates that we will experience a collapse in the Arctic sea ice within the next 3 to 7 years. In fact, it is starting to look like we might experience it as early as next year!

    This is an example of the “Pearl Harbor Event” that we are going to need to get enough people actually afraid, realizing that they have been lied to, and willing to DEMAND from their political representatives that we meet this threat. Even if the sea ice does not collapse next year, or even in 5 years, there are other events that may produce such a national response. A class 3 or class 4 hurricane landfall in Massachusetts or a massive heat/humidity event in the Ohio river valley with Heat Stress Indexes of 160’F would be other potential events.

    It is when some of these events, and ONLY when these events occur that we will have the collective motivation to overcome the incredible structural inertia needed for TCM Victory Plan implementation to occur.

  • I support mobilization but have a basic concern regarding our lesson from WWII mobilization and the relationship to our current moment. In WWII, the enemy was “over there” and clearly viewed as the other. Despite various ethnic and commercial links for example, national self-identification allowed for people to mobilize against an “external” threat, meaning originating outside US communities and nation. Hence people in the US were able to largely overcome differences, enforcing breaks with the German and Japanese governments, and cooperating to rapidly mobilize.
    Our moment now is much more akin to living within 1930s Nazi Germany and still trying to mobilize while the enemy holds most formal political and economic power within the nation. The threats are centered not over there but within our own nation, and the linkages and dependencies are much more complicated. What do we know about the experience of Germans resistant to the Nazi agenda during the thirties? What strategies were used, what clearly failed, and what may have proven more effective for mobilizing within such a context, not external to it? It seems that this better characterizes our current situation and our relationship to a “conservative” government (which is itself far too normalizing of a description given the stated agenda).

  • @MBurke Yes, the Climate War (i don’t know what else to call it yet)
    has no “frontline”, no clear physical battle ground, or nationality like prior wars.
    The Climate War is being fought in court rooms, city councils, business board rooms, college campuses, Port Authority meetings. The consequences (of the Climate War) are being felt by refugees, extreme weather event destruction and death.

    The battles are for hearts and minds. Propaganda is being deployed by the fossil fuel industry, and anyone feeling threatened by changes to social norms.

    The conservative federal government is going to accelerate the destruction of old institutions.
    When the 2020 federal government takes over, they will be accelerating the construction of new institutions.

    We are in a Regeneracy stage when the old structure crumbles and the new is being built.

  • According to Stefan Rahmstorf, Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, we need an emergency response.