A vegetarian defends meat

  • Karen Jeffers Tracy
    I’ve been vegetarian for 37 years, (convinced by Frances Moore Lappe, when I was 20, that world hunger would be solved if we all went vegetarian) – so it’s a bit ironic that I’m the one advocating that TCM change wording on meat. Changing people’s food is so intimate, so fundamental to them, that the intrusive nature of that – will produce more push-back than any other sacrifice we are asking people to make.

    Carnivores will die for their meat. They will consign future generations to perdition for their meat. And some of them physically will not be able to make the transition and still feel energetic and productive.

    I was vegan for ten years, but then switched back to vegetarian and felt better. Everyone has their own balance to find, their own health requirements to satisfy.

    Instead of “reduced meat production” – what about “reasonable meat production” or “meat production in accordance with a balanced ecosystem”

    People will be consuming
    "Reasonable amounts and sources of meat, as healthy for the individual" We don’t want to imply there will be “meat police” who will limit your consumption or make it so expensive that a family can’t afford any at all.

    [An Aside – That’s exactly where the “global warming conspiracy” ideas come from – that liberals are seeking every avenue to reach into individual freedoms – your dinner plate! – and take them away. (I know, I know…meanwhile conservatives want to invade bedrooms and bodies.) ]

    During WWII, a lot of sacrifices – like food shortages and rationing – were acceptable because they were “in it for the duration,” but people could look forward to a time of plenty. We’re asking people to make (perceived) sacrifices, and measured consumption – FOREVER! – , in transitioning to a new world, and a new way of living in that world.

    That seems to me, huge enough, without ranging the meat eaters against us at the very outset.

    I did watch Cowspiracy. I think there’s more to it than that. And I wasn’t impressed with the protocols in their studies. TCM must make recommendations based on studies published in peer-reviewed science journals. It’s the CAFOs Confined Animal Feed Operations and grain-fed factory-farming which decimates the environment and atmosphere. Not the local meat you get at your farmers market. Feeding grain to cows produces more methane than when they are fed their natural diet – grass. There’s more but I don’t have time now to write a treatise. Thanks for listening!

  • As a meat eater, thank you for your argument. I think that many of us could survive with a lot less meat in our diets, and certainly we need to switch to more environmentally friendly farming methods. I like the (perceived) in your last paragraph. We are talking about establishing a new relationship with what we consume and our relationship with consumer products.


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