Does the "All In For All Life Campaign" inspire you?

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    Does the campaign inspire you?

    Please let us know any reactions you have there are no wrong answers!

    Visceral, emotional, intellectual, strategic it’s all fair game.

    Or feel free to make a new topic to discuss an aspect of the proposed “All In For All Life Campaign”.

    We look forward to moving forward with you!

  • @greg To answer the question simply-- yes.

    I felt it on a very visceral, emotional, intellectual, and strategic level. Probably in that order, even?

    I don’t have time at the moment to get into further detail, however. For now, from me at least, just know that it was good, and I liked it, and I thought it was really good. :)

  • The concept of the “All In For All Life Campaign” is inspiring. The declaration does not inspire me, because it reads as “us v. them.” A significant problem regarding communication on climate change has been reporting that seeks to give equal weight to views on “opposite” sides of an issue without regard to merit. The declaration resonates with me in the same manner by setting up those that seek to stymie action on climate change as equal opponents that need to be vanquished. That is not my feeling. Climate change deniers deserve our pity as they will be inevitably swept aside by history. Our movement should be to ensure that they are swept aside by human will that enables all life to thrive as we mitigate and adapt to climate change rather than swept aside with the majority of life on Earth due to the natural forces resulting from climate change.

  • Can it be simpler still? Perhaps “All life support” "Save us"
    It should be chantable, have a direct connection to the gut without passing through the brain.

  • The campaign inspires me!! I feel SO engaged, inspired, not sunk, and in touch with my own humanity and connection with the earth when I read it.

    #4 in the declaration I’m having some trouble with. The wording of the first sentence was hard to understand at first, and the overall sentiment leans towards martyrdom…I think the message that there will be real, tough challenges ahead is very important but is it possible to make it clear the difference between being in an emergency mode and panicking?

  • @greg I’m glad to see the depth of questioning of our leaders who have not really led. I’m 60 years young having spent most of my life exploring and enjoying the fraying remnants of the biosphere. Decades ago I felt the looming crisis of climate change, I made life choices based on that awareness. I live a simple yet connected life and would be glad to share skills and knowledge related to sustainable shelter, solar electric and wholistic herbal medicine. Though I may not be physically equipped for the front lines of the struggle I’m happy to share what I can.

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    Thanks @dzepeda @CBenson @Henry-Swayze @rmcinnes for the feedback, it’s great to hear you’re inspired!

    @joseph also great to hear you want to get involved. Make sure to look out for a local chapter or think about starting one if it doesn’t exist. Below are some links to getting

    Local chapters:

    Getting Started:
    (there’s a volunteer form here for our centeral operations team).

    Climate Year:

  • @greg

    Media training taught me why and how to craft a PR message.
    No matter what the question, always weave your PR message into the answer.
    Practice practice practice.
    The Victory Plan, the “all in for all life” campaign, the TCM mission – they all need to be distilled down into short PR messages that can be memorized. The PR messages need to be at an eighth grade reading level or as low as 6th grade.

    The TCM messages need to be negative, as stated in the following article and referenced study.


  • I like the positiveness of “All in For All Life Campaign” . It will take a lot of education to explain what it means. It echoes the pro-life movement’s slogan and aggressively exposes their limits.

    I am very much for a slogan that is heavily value laden.
    We have to reclaim our values for community and for families from the right wing.

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