Your use of World War imagery

  • Re: Feedback on our Our All In for All Life Declaration Draft

    Hi, Margaret, Ezra, and everyone:

    Thank you for your work.
    The “Working Draft of All in for All Life Declaration” is a great start.

    I’ve been following your work for a while, and this is the time to directly communicate with you.

    At a time when Love MUST trump hate, I am very concerned about the use of war imagery.
    As you must know, Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps during WWII.

    I understand your desire to communicate the scale of mobilization, that is needed.
    Nevertheless, language matters – it molds our thoughts and channels our emotions.
    As a psychologist, you must be sensitive to this connection.

    I have been searching for a while for alternative language to the WWII language you use and, in particular, to Bill McKibben’s use of WW language.
    I have great respect for and support Mr. McKibben’s work, leadership, and intentions.
    However, climate change is not the enemy. Historically, there have been climate changes. The problem is disruptions due to increasingly rapid climate changes induced by human actions. There is a distinction here.

    A potential imagery could be a new Apollo program that needs to the much more ambitious and in-depth than the program that landed humans on the moon. In addition to space flights, the Apollo project spawned numerous scientific and technological breakthroughs as well as created jobs and major cultural mind shifts. At the same time, it is also important to remember that the Apollo space program was very much part of the cold war arms race and closely tied to the military industrial complex.

    In using any imagery for climate adaptation and survival, it is critical to emphasize that mobilization has to be grassroots & justice oriented and community based as well as society wide and global. It will need to be part of the transition to a “next system” where connections among humans, non-human animals, and inanimate Nature are inherently recognized.

    You might wish to check out this thoughtful article, “We Don’t Need a ‘War’ on Climate Change, We Need a Revolution.” (

    I look forward to your thoughts on the issue.

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