Climate War

  • To fight the Climate War, you need a Victory Plan.

    The Climate War – In the same way that in 1933 Germany started concentration camps, Europe and US have refugees camps. In USA, ICE has camps in Texas and other SW states. Many European countries have refugee camps. Chinese are migrating north into Siberia/Russia as workers that Russia welcomes to take advantage of the longer growing season and available water.

    The world is already at war. For now, we will call this the Climate War. The Climate War is real and happening now. There are many ways to measure this war. A war is measured by refugees, destruction and death. The consequences of climate change are causing refugees, destruction and death.

    Unlike past wars, there is no “frontline” no clear battle line.
    There are battles going on in court rooms, Port Authority meetings, city council meetings, Spirit Stone Camp to block DAPL, and every social media and internet resource. There are internal wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and in Africa. China is destroying their fossil fuel industry at the same time they are rapidly expanding their renewable energy industry.

    There is propaganda, secret intelligence gathering, spies, misinformation, lies, authoritarian leaders, anti-war protesters, for-purpose organizations, government mistakes.
    There will be winners and losers, survivors and dead heroes.

    Old institutions will be swept away - fossil fuel industry, combustion engines, diesel, unsustainable agriculture practices, red meat diets. New institutions are being built - renewable energy industry, EVs, sustainable agriculture, water protections, improved diets.

    We need an organization that monitors and provides information about the progress of the Climate War. Maps all the battles, gathers information and produces analysis.
    We need a virtual war room to prepare battle plans, and to mobilize each of twelve resources.
    Legal Authority, Funding, Environment, Manpower, Material and Equipment, Transportation and the others listed in Joint Publication 4-05, Joint Mobilization Plan, February 21, 2014.

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