Victory Plan Discussion: General Feedback

  • Evidence of Regeneracy Stage

    Universities, governments, military, agriculture, businesses, and NGOs are using sustainability and the need to avoid catastrophic climate change as an organizing principle. The military is publishing plans and the media is reporting actions for renewable energy, installations at sea level, the pivot to humanitarian missions and policy decisions.

    Universities promote programs and research on consequences of climate change, sustainable agriculture, species response to climate change, and changes to the ocean environment.

  • @igranderojo That hasn’t been my experience working with these generations. IMHOP We can’t look to boomers for “morals values and beliefs” as they have none. they are stuck in cynicism and indecision. They got us into this mess with their self-serving ways. The Millenials are the star children, psychic and sensitive, and filled with an intuitive spiritual truth which will fuel and inspire the great changes we are to make. They will be our touchstone, our reason for changing, they’ll be the confidant example that the new way will be Okay for us all – it will be fun!.. The GenXers are the Indigoes, creative inventors, with high ideals, and courage to go outside the box, networkers, the ones who make things happen, and make technology work for everyone.

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