On carbon drawdown strategies.

  • I disagree with the estimates of tons-per-year of carbon sequestration it is possible to do with biological means. Most discouraging to hear it could only be too little! Toesenmeier says a large-enough-scale effort would be impossible since humans are taking up too much space? Well yeah. That is in fact the problem. Don’t give up before you even start! Surely the Mobilization does not assume business as usual? One must start from what is needed --how many tons drawdown would do the needed job --and then work back from there --affirming loudly it is indeed possible. We must make it so. It only takes 50 years for a climax forest to regrow with no human help. Using broadscale landscape water sequestration, and “enhanced weathering” soil mineralization, we can do far better than that. We mustn globally employ the 100 monkey effect.

  • Use the soil to sequester carbon.