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    Dear City by City Chapter Leaders,

    We have had some success with our pilot City by City program. We have learned much about how to position the TCM message of urgency and personal action with the mission of driving cities into emergency mode. Thanks to your participation, we are starting to learn what chapters need to build power and focus energy. Thanks to the excellent work by chapter leaders in Los Angeles-CA, Hoboken-NJ and Montgomery County-MD we have an some inspirational goals to aspire to.

    Our pilot is now at 14 chapters engaging in some local activity. Each chapter is different, with its own skills, shape, and style. Some, like Outer Cape Cod-MA and Toronto-CA participate in larger coalitions to drive their local movements in the right direction. Others, like Philadelphia-PA, Alameda-CA and Tampa-FL are building the power of their chapter and are exploring how to foster an awakening to climate truth. And we have many brave leaders in cities like NYC, Ann Arbor, Lexington-KY, and Jersey City working to build and position their chapters as a powerful force in solving our climate crisis.

    I have also spoken with a number of other folks who explored the idea of starting a chapter but decided for one reason or another to hold off. I believe several may still be considering how to get it done.

    It has been so encouraging to me to have witness people taking on this responsibility to solve the problem, and inspiring to know that significant wins are being realized. I am quite certain that we are onto something with this program, and I am grateful for your patient companionship as we find our path.

    There is much to do. This work is hard, and we are so limited on resources. But our message of the truth of the climate crisis and in the possibilities of urgent action are spreading. As we move into the critical year of 2018, I am able to visualize a world where we solve this problem. I am grateful for your massive contributions to that truth.

    I will be using this forum to communicate about the program. I hope you add the City by City forum to your daily internet scan to see what is happening. I hope you use it start discussions with your chapters and with other chapters, and that you find inspiration from others who are also doing their part.

    Doug Danoff
    City by City Director


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