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    Welcome to the City by City Forum! This forum is actually a category within the overall TCM Forum.

    This forum category is designed to be a communication center for the City by City chapters. We will use it to share valuable information with chapters. It is also designed to enable chapters to communicate with other chapters, and for chapters to communicate between their members.

    We hope this forum evolves into a productive source of ideas and community support for the chapters who are moving their communities towards effective goals in dealing with the climate crisis. Important possible uses for this forum include (but are not limited to):

    • Get information about what is happening on the central program team
    • Share updates about what is happening in your chapter
    • Ask questions & discuss topics
    • Make requests & share your opinions
    • Get to know other people who, like you, have stepped up to confront the climate crisis

    This forum is public. Anybody on the web can see what is written here. People need to create an account to post messages and add comments.

    One special warning about the posts in this forum. You will likely encounter many links to our Local Organizer Handbook. This content is only available to people who are active members of active chapters. If you need access, let us know in the comments.

    This forum will be monitored and some rules will be enforced. General rules of dignity and positive support will be enforced.

    Please consider taking these 2 steps right now:

    1. Bookmark the City by City forum page, and add it to your daily web scan
    2. Create an account, and click the Reply button to leave a comment to introduce yourself and say hello!
    3. If you have a topic worth discussing, make a new post by clicking the New Topic button

    Doug Danoff and TCM City by City Team

  • Hi everyone! Hope I’m replying in the correct spot. my name is Morgan Barrie and I’m starting up a chapter in Ann Arbor!

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    @mbarrie , yes you are! Thanks for posting.


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