The pillars holding up government

  • I read the Blueprint pdf that the TCM put out and on page 9 and other places, they talk about different pillars that can disrupt the government if they are not cooperating with us. Yet, I don’t see a list of all the pillars, and would be great if at any stage a city group needs use non-cooperating tactics.

    For my city, Toronto, if the current municipal government is not listening before and after the election in this fall, then we might have to use these tactics.

  • Hi – in the Blueprint those comments were in reference to the pillars of support theory outlined by Gene Sharp and others interested in nonviolent movements. There’s a good explanation of the theory here:

    What the specific pillars are would vary based on location-- could involve court system, police, military, higher education – basically whatever institutions exist that the government relies on for support (usually this theory used in reference to a national government).

    On a local level I think this would translate to mapping out the most powerful institutions in Toronto that are influencing the government not to support mobilization, (e.g. specific corporations, lobbyists) and then figuring out how much power you would need to get to neutralize their opposition in terms of mass public support. It’s also always possible that there aren’t specific opponents, and that the government is just wary of doing something radical that doesn’t have demonstrated massive support from the public.

    Hope this helps/let me know if not!


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