MoCo inspired Washington STATE!

  • TCM Central

    In December, the Montgomery County TCM Chapter got the county council to unanimously approve a resolution to mobilize! This was ground breaking event was covered by the Washington Post.

    Just yesterday, a large group of 350 activists in Washington state to launch a “Climate Countdown” campaign aimed at getting the 49-48 Washington State Senate democrats to take action to (among other things) switch the state to 100% renewable energy by 2028.

    The link between these 2 events?

    Connon used Montgomery County, the largest county in Maryland, as an example of what Washington state could do. Last month, officials there passed a resolution declaring a “climate emergency” and aimed to reduce the county’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2027, and ultimately 100 percent eight years after that.

    “The example set by Montgomery County is a commendable example and one we hope Washington state will follow,” Connon said.

    A large part of City by City’s theory of change is that by showing that progress is possible, progress will happen. I’d say this is a solid piece of evidence that we are onto something.


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