Thoughts about the City-by-City Draft Mobilization Plan

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    My name is John Mitchell and I authored the draft implementation plan for cities and counties used in our city-by-city campaign. I am a resident of Northern California and a program specialist for the energy sector, mostly focusing in electricity and water conservation.

    I have been working on getting to a model of how we can get from point “A” to point “B” as rapidly as possible and this process started around 2011 when I became aware that the climate emergency that we face is going to look like near-term (10 years or less) massive global impacts to food, water, health and safety all over our planet. Previously, I had thought that we had “70-years until sea level rise would be a problem and we would be able to solve it by then.”

    Beginning in 2011 I started researching what policies and technologies would be available to be implemented on a national scale under a World War II U.S. mobilization model. I recognized that this was the best analogy to the scale and necessary response to the national security threat that we face.

    We here at the Climate Mobilization love your ideas and want to make the process of forming a strong chapter, local coalition and using these forces to influence your local elected leaders to lead the climate mobilization in your area. To this end, we hope that you will read through an example plan, (or if you have one already for your chapter - read that one!) Our city by city plans page can be found here:

    Let’s work together to transform our local economies away from the destructive forces of fossil fuels that extract wealth from our households, pollute our air and now threatens the very lives of our own children! Let’s move rapidly to a system where we rely on clean, locally generated energy, food and water, with all of the health, community and economic benefits that this shift will bring!


  • Hi there John,

    Matthew Chapman here. I helped launch here in Canada, which has similar objectives to TCM, but admittedly less ambitious. I would appreciate talking about our respective experiences developing indicators for tracking progress. Here’s our plan for drawing 20 Canadian cities into a competitive Climate League. Our current metrics (winning criteria) will be refined in a beta exercise that has just begun and will be finalized - at least temporarily finalized - for our first Canadian cities report publication in December.

    Looking forward to connecting.