Brookings Institute Insane Study

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    Brad Johnson of Climate Hawks Vote drew my attention to what “Democratic leaning” think tanks like Brookings are saying about the climate crisis. His point, "It is hard to get Congress to push past these ‘experts’"
    Here is a 2015 study that claims:

    "Unmitigated, climate change could reduce global GDP by over 20 percent by 2100 – a number roughly 5-10 times larger than current estimates."

    What a joke. A 20% reduction in GDP… which is itself an order of magnitude larger than other estimates. Its clear that these assessments are made with just horrible assumptions. It appears from this article that the author examined the impact of temperature on GDP, and assumed that the only economic impacts that a country would have would be about its increased temperature. Thus leaving out the impact of: drought, crop failure, superstorms, vector borne disease, or climate refugees.

    This academic denial, particularly from economists and policy experts in think tanks, is a major problem that we should take seriously.


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