Does a packet exist specifically to take to Mayors, City Councilpersons, and City Commissioners?

  • The language of the City-By-City intro page is off-putting to those officials because it talks about “building excitement” and is more focused on speaking to mobilizers who are organizing from the ground up. But change also does happen from the top, when those in elected positions become convinced of the wisdom and efficacy of mobilization. Could you change the language just a little, add some nice photos of the initiatives in other cities, and make it so we could print out or purchase from you, a nice glossly, slick-looking packet we can present over lunch, one-on-one. They are used to getting packets from contractors hoping to work for the city, etc., so the look and feel of it matters. That’s why I say, we could purchase it – make it POD Print On Demand. So we could order just what we need. Thank you for thinking about this.